Alur Teknis QRIS Merchant Presented Mode

Perlu diketahui QR Code yang digunakan di Indonesia yang dinamakan dengan QR Code merujuk kepada sepsifikasi QR EMVCo, EMVCo merupakan perusahaan gabungan dari Europay Mastercard dan Visa yang bertujuan untuk mendukung interopabilitas teknologi finansial secara worldwide.

AstraPay QRIS

In charge of creating, refining, and maintaining AstraPay QRIS requirement from business, development, and regulatory side; Defining specfication of QRIS from ASPI; Maintaining QRIS development from both side Issuer and Acquirer; Conduct integration with Switching Company, ALTO and Rintis (ATM Prima)

Topup AstraPay Balance in CIMB OctoMobile

Managing and support CIMB to integrate AstraPay topup feature in OctoMobile application

Topup AstraPay Balance in PermataMobileX

Managing and support PermataBank to integrate AstraPay topup feature in PermataMobileX application

Artajasa ATMBersama Services Integration

Refine the product requirement of one of Artajasa Product Transfer for Payment to enable ATMBersama Virtual Account for AstraPay users

Centralized CMS Information and Notification

Conduct and refine the base requirement for content management system for marketing team to make promotion campaign in-app dynamic; Centralizing the use of notification, email and sms broadcast to this CMS for use of marketing team

Project Octopus - moxa by Astra Financial

Assigned for being part of Project Octopus in Astra International sub-holding company Astra Financial which resulted moxa application

Digital Product Biller Addition

Connect to new biller aggregator services Sakalguna, and Alterra biller and add new digital product biller to AstraPay such: ○ PSTN Telkom Biller; ○ Paket Data Airbill; ○ PDAM Biller; ○ Cable TV Biller; ○ Land and Tax (PBB) Biller Payment

Automatic Transfer to Bank Account Feature for AstraPay Users

Improve users transfer to bank account from manual to automatic process using ALTO Disbursement service

Notification Engine for AstraPay

Initiating use of firebase cloud messaging for push notification engine creation for system push notification. e.g. user can get notification from AstraPay if they’re success buy the airtime; Initiating use of firebase cloud messaging for broadcasting push notification for marketing needs.